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Talk Radio Hangs Up on Senator McCain and Sarah Palin!

Obama’s job approval plummeting as Americans finally waking up


Graphic H/T~> Herald Sun
40% Job Approval – 53% Job Disapproval

Obama’s job approval continues to plummet as his biggest lie, ”If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”, takes root and becomes a stark reality to millions of Americans who have either been thrown off their current health plan or now face huge fees to keep their health plan because of the ObamaCare program.

2016 can’t come soon enough.

”If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

”If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”,


RUSH: “Folks, Richard Nixon resigned over a lie that was much less damaging in scope than this one.  I mean, this is an abject, purposeful lie to the American people for the express purpose of passing legislation.”

RUSH: “Americans are losing coverage by political design. Yeah, in fact, the White House knew out there that 93 million Americans were gonna lose their policy.”

Barack Obama: “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

Millions of us stand with you Israel


Sarah Palin warmly greets Sara Netanyahu


Chuck Heath, Jr., Sarah Palin’s brother, posted this photo today with the following caption: “Millions of us stand with you Israel” on his Facebook Page.

Vetting of the Candidates Project by Youth For Palin

Come join us at Youth For Palin on FACEBOOK as we are doing our own “Vetting of the Candidates”. 

We are taking one candidate per week and discussing in depth what a Presidency of this candidate will look like as our members post the pros and cons. As our members are posting they are also building this candidates resume. About half way through the week the resume is then posted and the supporters of this candidate will look it over and are invited to make any changes. But, in doing so, they will need to post the article supporting this to the website! We do this because the resume only lists the things the supporters are posting. This makes it fun and it’s also a fun way to participate in the upcoming election.

As we gain knowledge about each of the candidates it is our goal that we will also find the one candidate that shines above the rest. One that brings substance as well as solutions to the problems our country is facing.

We are also looking for that one that will govern with common sense conservatism. These are the things our Mama Grizzly has taught us to look for as we choose the right candidate. So as we put them into practice, hopefully, we are making her proud.

We are taking the candidates in alphabetical order so Michele Bachman was the first candidate to get “Vetted”.
We have some extremely intelligent members in our group and they all seemed to enjoy this process. Everyone was treated with kindness and respect even if they weren’t convinced that a Bachmann Presidency was the best choice for America.

We also saw, as the vetting continued, those that did support a Bachmann presidency were even more committed as they continued to convince those that were less sure.

We are taking the candidates in alphabetical order so Michele Bachman was the first candidate to get “Vetted”.
We have some extremely intelligent members in our group and they all seemed to enjoy this process. Everyone was treated with kindness and respect even if they weren’t convinced that a Bachmann Presidency was the best choice for America.We also saw, as the vetting continued, those that did support a Bachmann presidency were even more committed as they continued to convince those that were less sure.
Vetting Schedule:

Here is the schedule for our Week of Vetting of the GOP Presidential Candidates. Please mark your calendars and be gathering your information. We have alot of work yet to do and we’ve got to be prepared as we make our final choices.
Bachman:  10-17-11 thru 10-23-11
Cain:         10-24 thru 10-30-11
Gingrich:   10-31-11 thru 11-6-11
Huntsman: 11-7-11 thru 11-13-11
Johnson:   11-14-11 thru 11-20-11
Paul:         11-21-11 thru 11-27-11
Perry:        11-28-11 thru 12-4-11
Romney:    12-5-11 thru 12-11-11
Santorum: 12-12-11 thru 12-18-11
The “Vetting of the Candidates” is not intended to convert anybody to a certain candidate… It is intended only to bring awareness of the pros and the cons of each of the candidates… And they all have them.. There is no perfect candidate because the last we checked Jesus Christ was not running…
Cover letters and resumes of candidates already vetted:

Come join us as the “Vetting of the Candidate” continues!

Original Post: Youth For Palin website

Take strength in courage, America.

By Elizabeth Hawkes

Courage is our strength and leadership, that unites Americans in a common goal to put God and country first, is our winning action plan. No need for fancy titles or amassing power, just determination to keep our eyes on the mark – the goal of Restoring America. We Americans don’t want the same old status quo; we’ve been lied to and we know the difference. America wants new leadership – common sense and goal oriented leadership and Sarah Palin is providing the leadership America needs now. This is the message we need to take to the millions of voting citizens because it is not too late to restore our country to the principles she was founded upon and every vote does count. These voters don’t care about titles. They care about their lives, their family’s future and the security and restoration of America. It’s common knowledge that inaccessible, title toting, and power hungry leaders scheming from backrooms are good at taking the life’s blood from hard working people and they are, afterall, bought and sold. Sarah is neither. The American voter has smartened-up and can smell a rat. The rats are comfortable and have a false sense of security from the accolades of their backers but lack the knowledge and awareness of millions of Americans that are now rejecting the same old way of doing business that does not place importance on America first. I urge all humbled servants to get this message out there.

Sarah Palin 2012!

By Elizabeth Hawkes

When Governor Sarah Palin was thrust onto the national stage as Senator John McCain’s running mate in 2008, the media had put their spin on her and inevitably misrepresented her to the American public. It’s not outlandish for the media to consistently put their spin on people but they have never treated anyone worse than Sarah Palin.

Many haters of Sarah Palin became such because they watched CBS, NBC and even ABC which left little room to appreciate the true Sarah Palin; a regular average American caring about her future and her kids future. Fortunately, she decided to run for city council to make a difference in her community and what an enormous difference she made.

She then quickly realized that the current mayor had no vision for the prosperity of her town of Wasilla, so she set her sights on the Mayor’s office and won by a good margin. After all, the former Mayor was really one of those establishment people – the same back-room-deal-kind-of-guys that we see in our Congress and White House today.

As Mayor, she cut her pay dramatically but, staying true to his character, the former Mayor accused her of just trying to put herself in a smaller tax bracket. Governor Palin set the record straight, in her Going Rogue book, by explaining that it was just to save the tax payers money.

She also appreciated the fact that her town needed to increase the business sector, so she cut property taxes and the businesses came. Furthermore, the networks of roads withinAlaska were either in disrepair or nonexistent so she wisely invested in well engineered roads to improve transportation infrastructure making Wasilla the booming town of Alaska. Many towns still have an airport for transport and Governor Palin uses her own plane that sits on the lake where she lives.

Following her successful tenure as Mayor, Gov. Palin became the Oil & Gas Commissioner of the largest state in North America,Alaska. True to her form, she turned in the Chairman of the Republican Party because he was very corrupt – another one of those back-room-deals and doors-shut-to-the-public kind of guys.

Riding her wave of success, Sarah Palin then ran for Governor, beat-out the incumbent Republican and savedAlaska from being one of the most corrupt state governments in the country.

In her first year alone, she reduced spending by 85%. She accomplished this by removing budgetary earmarks sent down by the state house and senate. She cut $600 to $800 million dollars in spending during a surplus. She also signed an ethics bill the would end back room deals and corruption inside the state government.

For 35 years,Alaska was paying Exxon to drill in Northern Alaska but not a drop of oil ran through those pipe lines. Again, Governor Palin stepped in and demanded that they begin drilling or be kicked out. An Exxon representative tried intimidating Governor Palin with acrimonious in-your-face posturing and threatened her with politics as usual “you have no idea what you are messing with” remarks. Once again, Governor Palin didn’t back down and met his piercing gaze with a rebuttal “no, you don’t know what you are getting into” comment. Even after Exxon threatened to file a lawsuit, Governor Palin said: “I know my way to the courthouse”.

So they went to court and for the first time in 35 years they started drilling!

Governor Sarah Palin signed and approved the largest energy bill in the history of America allowing an oil pipeline fromAlaskathrough Canada into the Midwest.

Even after all her accomplishments, many people in 2008 were still ignorant of her 93% approval rating in a state that was ranked 2nd in economic growth. Alaskaflourished with a $12 billion surplus that came from taxing the oil companies.

Governor Sarah Palin didn’t support Cap and Trade or the Bridge to No Where. She was in charge of 25,000 people and the most powerful person in the state as a provision of the Alaska State Constitution.

How could anyone wonder as to why she was picked for Vice President in 2008 after reviewing the facts of her record then denied to the American people by the Lame Stream Media? 

After the 2008 election, Governor Sarah Palin returned to her belovedAlaskato make good on her outstanding campaign promises. But it was not to be. The haters were creeping in through the seams and would not leave her alone.

There were hundreds of lawsuits from frivolous ethics complaints which were unlawful in themselves. They were costing the state ofAlaskamillions and thus hurting the economy.

Governor Palin made the altruistic sacrifice of resigning from her elected position to once again save the tax payers money just like she had done when she began her political career.

Governor Palin is not a quitter, as maligned by the lying and biased media, but instead, is a defender of her state’s constituents. She stepped down and allowed Alaskato get back to work regardless of the cost to her own re-election or income.

Youth for Palin Organization 900 plus members

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Conservative 4 Palin:

Youth For Palin Not Defeated By Latest Outbreak of Palin Hate

Youth For Palin:

Youth For Palin Organization Not Defeated By Negative Comments

Palin Is Her Name

By Elizabeth Hawkes


In 2012, the citizens of the United States of America will have an opportunity to vote to authorize much needed improvements to our exceptional country.

Obama has flushed a trillion dollars down the drain, forced upon us the era of big government, and demonized the voices of fiscal responsibility with class warfare and fear mongering.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for us to show our support for a candidate who truly possesses the qualities needed to rise up and reject the left’s big government agenda.

When Sarah Palin stated in Madison, Wisconsin, “Mr. President, game on!” our group, “Youth for Palin (Mama Grizzly’s Cubs)”, took it to heart.

Our non-profit organization strives to implement the conservative core values in our future generation, just as Sarah Palin has throughout her political career.

Though “youths” of all ages are welcome, our mission is to educate and encourage our next generation, with an emphasis on ages 15-21, in the political arena to ensure that America will continue to be the best in the world.

Our Facebook group is an electrified atmosphere of active youth supporting Sarah Palin and cementing their own desires for becoming future political leaders.

Just formed in February of 2011, our engaged atmosphere consists of over 900 members and continues to grow at an accelerated rate.

Motivated youths engage in political discussions and challenge each other through teamwork to bring about conservative awareness and hands on participation. 

“Youth For Palin” has spear-headed a number of successful drives to increase membership and promote the group’s sole purpose of helping elect Sarah Palin and educating young conservatives.

Continually pushing the envelope, “Youth for Palin” has also unveiled a new website targeting conservative youth, interested in changing the political landscape at; where we have developed a number of exciting volunteer projects so that all of our youth can get involved utilizing their strengths.

The website proudly features a powerful research tool in dismantling the lies perpetrated against Sarah Palin by the “lamestream media”.

It is a compilation of 22 documents containing live links to Sarah Palin’s articles that will provide readers a view of Palin’s vision for America and her stance on a number of issues that have not been edited or filtered by the media. 

We’re proud to showcase Trade Martin’s latest exciting and ‘top notch’ video project, “Palin Is Her Name”. Trade Martin, a successful professional in the entertainment industry, is committed to playing an important role in supporting Sarah Palin.  

Mr. Martin is aware that political campaigns are successful only if they have the support of many volunteers and what better way to educate our youth than teaching them to get involved in our country’s political process?

Trade Martin and “Youth For Palin” will continue to work hard to spread the word throughout our nation about what each voter can do to ensure that we win back our country and “Palin Is Her Name”.

 Elizabeth Hawkes is Founder and President of Youth for Palin.

Glenn Beck,”From New York . . . Goodnight, America.”

By Elizabeth Hawkes

While sending out an ominous warning to his enemies in the MSM that a time would come they would wish he was only on for an hour a day on cable television, Glenn Beck bid his loyal following a farewell message of Faith, Hope and Charity. Beck’s final live broadcast on Fox News last Thursday evening was reminiscent of the same missive that spanned a two-and-a-half year ratings bonanza that his mission to restore the values which made America profoundly good and unique was “divinely inspired”. Beck believes you never run from something but to it and so keeping his promise to stay until “the changing of the seasons” he reasoned that his show had become a movement and no longer fit a cable television venue but belonged in each person’s home because the American people are “the answer”.

Besides Beck’s lengthy nostalgic monologue of flashbacks and fuzzy memories, he challenged his viewers to pledge to each other life, fortune and sacred honor. As he reiterated the basic premise that America is an idea that man can rule himself, Beck distanced himself from hopie/changie progressive values that he painstakingly deconstructed in nearly every episode. Beck contends that “as a country we have changed a lot” because together “we have learned a lot”. He reasons that the credit belongs to himself and his two writers and that this change occurred with each evolving episode.

Despite the attempted smears of some not-so-friendly pundits, no one seriously believes Beck was fired or resigned on bad terms from Fox News. “I hope I have earned some level of your trust,” Beck said, “and at the same time I want to thank Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, and everybody at this network for their trust.” It is not surprising that everything Beck did was controversial and suspect by the left leaning politically motivated base of the current administration while average Americans gradually connected to his message of the importance of relying on the individual and not on pomp and circumstance. Even his detractors would have to admit that Beck was very successful. His Restoring Honor rally on the National Mall last August attracted upwards of a half a million people and his cable television show was rated higher than the other top rated networks combined.

Beck, like the constitutional conservative leader and possible presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin, is credited with the success of the Tea Party boots on the ground grass-roots movement. Both Beck and Palin successfully supported Republicans to a historic landslide victory in the 2010 midterm elections where Republican and conservative Tea Party candidates won control of the House of Representatives and improved their numbers in a Democrat controlled Congress.

Beck urged his viewers to join him on his website where he promised to continue the fight to defend endangered American values because, like Governor Sarah Palin, he is invested in restoring our country to the original principles that it was founded on.

With sincere emotion, Beck ended the final episode of his cable television news program…”From New York . . . goodnight, America.”

Elizabeth Hawkes is the President/Founder of Youth for Palin.

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