By Elizabeth Hawkes


In 2012, the citizens of the United States of America will have an opportunity to vote to authorize much needed improvements to our exceptional country.

Obama has flushed a trillion dollars down the drain, forced upon us the era of big government, and demonized the voices of fiscal responsibility with class warfare and fear mongering.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for us to show our support for a candidate who truly possesses the qualities needed to rise up and reject the left’s big government agenda.

When Sarah Palin stated in Madison, Wisconsin, “Mr. President, game on!” our group, “Youth for Palin (Mama Grizzly’s Cubs)”, took it to heart.

Our non-profit organization strives to implement the conservative core values in our future generation, just as Sarah Palin has throughout her political career.

Though “youths” of all ages are welcome, our mission is to educate and encourage our next generation, with an emphasis on ages 15-21, in the political arena to ensure that America will continue to be the best in the world.

Our Facebook group is an electrified atmosphere of active youth supporting Sarah Palin and cementing their own desires for becoming future political leaders.

Just formed in February of 2011, our engaged atmosphere consists of over 900 members and continues to grow at an accelerated rate.

Motivated youths engage in political discussions and challenge each other through teamwork to bring about conservative awareness and hands on participation. 

“Youth For Palin” has spear-headed a number of successful drives to increase membership and promote the group’s sole purpose of helping elect Sarah Palin and educating young conservatives.

Continually pushing the envelope, “Youth for Palin” has also unveiled a new website targeting conservative youth, interested in changing the political landscape at; where we have developed a number of exciting volunteer projects so that all of our youth can get involved utilizing their strengths.

The website proudly features a powerful research tool in dismantling the lies perpetrated against Sarah Palin by the “lamestream media”.

It is a compilation of 22 documents containing live links to Sarah Palin’s articles that will provide readers a view of Palin’s vision for America and her stance on a number of issues that have not been edited or filtered by the media. 

We’re proud to showcase Trade Martin’s latest exciting and ‘top notch’ video project, “Palin Is Her Name”. Trade Martin, a successful professional in the entertainment industry, is committed to playing an important role in supporting Sarah Palin.  

Mr. Martin is aware that political campaigns are successful only if they have the support of many volunteers and what better way to educate our youth than teaching them to get involved in our country’s political process?

Trade Martin and “Youth For Palin” will continue to work hard to spread the word throughout our nation about what each voter can do to ensure that we win back our country and “Palin Is Her Name”.

 Elizabeth Hawkes is Founder and President of Youth for Palin.