Donald J. Trump and former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin

Donald J. Trump and former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin

The U.S. is on the precipice of total financial destruction and the servitude and utter poverty that will follow.

We need a die-hard capitalist as POTUS. We need a man who doesn’t have funding ties to globalists. We need Donald J. Trump.

God has raised up Trump for such a time as this mirroring Reagan who campaigned on economic growth, rebuilding the military and making America proud again.

Rival Senator Ted Cruz is not a business person so this is not his time but one day he’ll be an appropriate contender for the presidency. Cruz is a social justice guy and not a well-developed one either. Cruz believes in “diversity” – his own words. His priority is “the constitution”.  Nice big shiny thing to hide behind but it’s meaningless because Cruz uses “the constitution” to appeal to a broad spectrum of constituents. In other words, it’s a clever trick to stand for nothing but give the appearance that he’ll fight for your issue. Cruz won’t fight abortion or gay marriage at the federal level where some of these issues must be fought. No, he’ll cling to “diversity” and leave it up to the states. He’s so wise. He can stand on an issue by not taking a stand on an issue. I can see why he has some support since he hides behind language like a smart lawyer would. Cruz is not a reformer but a clever man. His time will come but the time isn’t now.

Now we need a die-hard savvy businessman to ‪#‎MakeAmericaGreatAgain‬. We need a die-hard capitalist. We need Trump now before it’s too late.

And deep down in your Americana loving soul you know it to be true.