By Elizabeth Hawkes

Courage is our strength and leadership, that unites Americans in a common goal to put God and country first, is our winning action plan. No need for fancy titles or amassing power, just determination to keep our eyes on the mark – the goal of Restoring America. We Americans don’t want the same old status quo; we’ve been lied to and we know the difference. America wants new leadership – common sense and goal oriented leadership and Sarah Palin is providing the leadership America needs now. This is the message we need to take to the millions of voting citizens because it is not too late to restore our country to the principles she was founded upon and every vote does count. These voters don’t care about titles. They care about their lives, their family’s future and the security and restoration of America. It’s common knowledge that inaccessible, title toting, and power hungry leaders scheming from backrooms are good at taking the life’s blood from hard working people and they are, afterall, bought and sold. Sarah is neither. The American voter has smartened-up and can smell a rat. The rats are comfortable and have a false sense of security from the accolades of their backers but lack the knowledge and awareness of millions of Americans that are now rejecting the same old way of doing business that does not place importance on America first. I urge all humbled servants to get this message out there.

Sarah Palin 2012!