Since mainstream media continues to ignore opportunities to report and expose the heartlessness of the political left, who through their acceptance of political Islam, support the violence perpetrated against mainly defenseless women and children, I urge everyone with a social media platform to spread the truth about the unimaginable brutality in the religion and culture of Islam and in doing so, expose how mainstream media has become complicit to these crimes.

We also need to vote out every leftist leaning politician thereby making them accountable for denying a voice to the victimized innocence under sharia law across the globe. As citizens of western nations we cannot continue to ignore these crimes against humanity and, in so doing, be willing accomplices through our silence.

Please watch this video to educate yourself of how deeply endemic western journalism and culture has become in giving the new holocaust a pass.


In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, I dissect The Leftist Heart of Darkness, unveiling what resides in the heart of leftists to deny why Sonia Bibi was set ablaze for refusing a marriage proposal in the Muslim world.