From my dear Sister in the Lord, Nina…


Please feel free join the Madeleine Prayer Group for the second world wide prayer session to be held 19th September 2008, 1.00 – 2.00 pm and 10.30- 11.30pm to pray for missing five year old Madeleine McCann and all children held by criminal networks throughout the world.

We believe that the battle for the return of Madeleine McCann and all missing and exploited children in our world is a spiritual one and we would welcome anyone and everyone to join us. On the first of these prayer days, on August 08th, 2008 we raised more than 6000 people across the globe all praying for Madeleine and the plight of other innocents.
Please join us and please pass this invitation to your friends, colleagues, prayer groups and churches, etc.

International prayer day for Madeleine – Sept 19TH 2008

You are welcome to join the Madeleine Prayer group for the second world wide prayer session to be held 19th September 2008, 1.00 – 2.00 pm and 10.30 – 11.30pm To pray for missing five year old Madeleine McCann.

Prayer agenda

1) For the Holy Spirit to be with Madeleine – to fill her, guide her and protect her so that she feels God’s presence at all times and for the Holy Spirit to likewise be with all missing and exploited children around the world

2) For God to actively intervene in Madeleine’s life and for her whereabouts to be revealed to the world and for Madeleine to be returned to her Mother.

3) For God’s perfect wisdom to guide and direct Gerry and Kate McCann in everything they do

4) For the revelation of the truth of Madeleine’s disappearance to the world and the imminent exposure of any falsehood that has served to obscure the truth and prevent Madeleine being found.

5) a miracle for Madeleine. For the Holy Spirit, God’s supernatural power that only comes through the Lord God Almighty, to intervene in Madeleine’s life.

6) For God’s miraculous intervention in the lives of all missing and exploited children and their loving families.

7) For the downfall of all criminal networks involved in child sexual exploitation, slavery and torture, and the downfall of the protection afforded to these by corrupt authorities

8 ) For all children held in slavery and abuse by criminal pedophile networks to tangibly experience God’s divine protection, perfect peace and love and that no matter what is done to them, they will NEVER be separated from His love.

9) For God to reveal the truth of these children’s experiences to the world, for the motivation of His people to actively stand up for these children and put an end to this system of evil, and for the delivery of His justice to ALL the victims of these criminal networks.