Hi All,

I am so very happy Palin’s daughter did not have an abortion. Her mistake did not lead to murder but sacrifice. The opposing side would have backed terminating an unborn child’s life and no one would have blinked an eye. How very sad and transparent of the liberal media. They are shocked, simply shocked by the discovery of a young unwed mother while they openly condone infanticide. Palin stands for abstinence before marriage as do I. Maybe she should have been a better role model and given her daughter a rubber! What does pro-choice stand for anyway? I guess it doesn’t mean support for unplanned pregnancies resulting in a live birth. Choose death over life and gleeful support abounds…from the liberal boot lickers.

Behind every double standard is a single one…the liberal agenda…abortion and gay marriage on demand for starters. Then there is the voice of all those pesky expendable Christian conservatives with those boring family values that most be quieted at all cost. Yes, the liberals have such a deep love for humanity. Their piety and altruism is moving beyond words. It is evident that the news coverage is orchestrated in such a way as to guide the little people into thinking their way. They believe that the important issues facing our nation are much too complicated for the average Joe. So the boot lickers secretly thirst for abolishing free speech along with tax exemptions when it comes to religion and dream of the day when they possess all power. How they get there is not as important as getting there. Who cares about defending our country from real enemies when Christians are roaming the streets freely "force feeding" a Godly way of life on unsuspecting American voters.

The media, hollywood, tv, and the music industry are in love and in bed with the dems. Weren’t they the same bunch that claimed that a person’s sex life was a private matter? Weren’t they the same bunch that claimed that what was important was the ‘economy, stupid’? Oh, what a wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive. I don’t trust the motives of ALL politicians in general but these talking points megalomaniacs are disgusting.


Thanks for reading my rant.