God is speaking very loudly for those who have ears to hear.


by Gerry Golden

With two political conventions and a killer hurricane on its way, no one is looking at the Middle East.  A force play Condi Rice in being laid out for Ehud Olmert, and Mahmoud Abbas to divide Jerusalem and give away all the hill country of Judea and Samaria to the enemies of both Israel and the United States. 


Rice is pushing very hard and putting all the pressure she can to get Olmert and Abbas to sign papers committing the next Israeli Government to keep that agreement.  We all know that Olmert has almost a “0” approval ratting in Israel with no mandate to sign any agreement.  Abbas has no power and no influence with the so-called “Palestinian people” to add insult to injury Bush has less than a 20% approval rating.  We have here three failed leaders trying to do all they can to destroy little Israel, and using Rice as their tool to do the dirty work for them. 


The day that Bush forced Sharon to destroy Gaza and make over 9,000 Jews in Israel homeless things have gone terribly wrong in the United State.  Katrina was the opening call from God to repent and stop trying to divide Jerusalem.  Gen. 12:3.  Today we see Rice here with her final push under orders from President Bust to force Olmert and Abbas to sign papers that could potentially destroy Israel. 


Today we also see another killer hurricane heading once again to New Orleans, even before it has hit land the entire city has been evacuated.  I also think there is some interest in the fact that it’s coming with a Russian name Gustav. 


We used to say maybe this or that would made Bush wake up, but the truth is he believes the Church has replaced Israel and he simply does not see it through God’s eyes or for that mater through the eyes of a real Christians. I could go on and on, but over the past few years I’ve said it all several times.  All I can say now is God have mercy on the United States of America for it hasn’t seen nothing yet.