Dirt calling dirt, dirt.


Somewhere over the past 40 years I remember hearing a message but can’t remember who preached it, that originally we all came from dirt and we will return to dirt.  I’ve been giving that some thought lately, and there is a great message in that statement. For we all have a tendency to think to highly of ourselves at times, and we need to be reminded that mankind originally did come from dirt, and we will return to the same form. 


Everything we eat, wear and use somehow comes from the dirt of this planet; we are dependent on this dirt for our very survival.  What this thought has done for me is make the re-birth into the Kingdom of God much more meaningful.  Making us realize that it isn’t about our temporal fleshly desires and needs but about the energy created by God that lives inside this piece of dirt that part that really is you and not your body.  We are full of pride, lust and fleshly temptations, Yeshua (Jesus) fought this battle as well on the mount of Temptations when He was tempted by the Devil in the Lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life.  After those 40 days of testing He walked out of the wilderness by the power of the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) and His Ministry began.  It is also interesting to note that He was lead into the wilderness by the Spirit, but He came out with the Power of the Holy Spirit.  I believe that in order for you and me to have that power in our lives we too must be tested in those three areas of our life and when we are and we turn them over to God it is then that He gives them back with His blessing.  You see it is not bad to have an ego the question is whose in charge of it.  But just like our Messiah the wilderness experience is necessary.


We have carnal by nature, have you ever noticed that when we are referring to ourselves we say “Body. Soul and Body” but when God speaks of us He always refers to us as “Spirit, Soul and Body” (I-Thes. 5:1) you see the big difference is what comes first, the Devil comes to us by the flesh (Body) to reach our Soul, but God comes to us through the “Spirit” The Devil comes through the least Holy and God always comes to us through the most Holy.  Paul spoke often of this battle that goes on in our lives it is a battle for your soul.  On one side you have the flesh fighting for control of your soul and on the other you have spirit fighting for control of your soul.  You see the prize is your soul.  What you are is a living soul, God breathed into the nostrils of Adam and he became a living soul. 


Why am I writing all of this, the answer is I want you to understand something that God has shown me a long time ago?  Simply put we put far too much value on temporal things, that is not to say that we should neglect our bodies or our soul, but we should as Believers in Yeshua (Jesus the Messiah) understand the importance of who and what we really are.  We must have our priorities in there proper order.  We do need to understand the difference of something that is soulish and that which is spiritual meaning we need to try every spirit and see if it is of God.


We seem to have the big problem of going to far in one direction with our understanding and then somewhere down the road we have a tendency of swinging back in the other direction.  Of course we want to believe we are in God’s perfect will.  Our carnal nature does seem to get in the way, we get mad we raise our voices in anger, Paul said there was a battle going inside of him and it was the flesh against the spirit, what they are fighting over is the prize your soul.  We find ourselves under the circumstances when we should be above them.  What we need to know is Yeshua died on the cross for all of our sins, past present and future.  And in our dealings with others we must learn to have the same forgiveness for every relationship you have with others will develop a few bumps along the way. 


On a daily basis I get emails and letters telling me that I am wrong that I am wasting my time and Believers money by trying to save the Jews.  I’m told that I am deceived and want to be.  Then I get many that call me some really ugly names emails from some who call themselves “Christians” but are full of hate for the Jews.  I can remember early on how that used to upset me, but God has shown me that they are not of Him but of their father the Devil.  I must however tell you this as well, it has taken God a long time in fact nearly 40 years to bring me to that understanding with Him. 


There are a few thousand wonderful Believers in Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah) praying with Connie and me this week.  I am praying for the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) to reveal to them certain truths concerning their priorities, that He will show them where he wants them and what He would have them do.  But more than anything I’m believing God to show them a glimpse of His Glory so they might get their carnal eyes off of temporal things and know that they are citizens in the Kingdom of God.


This has been a different kind of report but I just got carried away and now have decided to send it on, asking God to reveal only what He would to those who read it. 


We also need your help, we all know that time is short but we can thank God for every day He gives us to prepare to save Jews.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden