Choose Wisely – By Ron Graham –
Remember September 11th 2001? It was a day just like any other day in which average citizens of America headed off to make their contribution to the daily grind. Each individual person with their own set of joys, concerns, plans, and desires. But something happened that day that changed the face of America for ever. What was different about that infamous day is that four aircraft loaded with passengers heading to their own personal destinations were mercilessly flown into buildings, save one which was dropped in a field in Pennsylvania. All of those everyday people met with a most horrible and terrifying end. Three of those planes would be flown into buildings that housed normal everyday Americans just like the passengers, trying to scratch out their own existence among the towering skyscrapers that lined the horizon in New York City. There was one common denominator that tied all four aircraft together; they were all hijacked by Moslem terrorists with one uniting goal, to kill as many Americans as possible, and ultimately to instill fear into the hearts of men. “Men’s hearts failing them for fear…” Luke 21:26.
Cowardly men came from a far away country with an ideology that was at complete odds with that of most Americans. Americans can’t understand that satanic ideology. Why? Because we aren’t raised in that sick environment of hatred which permeates the Middle East, and which is aimed for the most part at Americans and Israelis. Americans, because of an instilled sense of fairness, kindness, and political correctness, can’t begin to grasp the “why”. How could human beings have so much hate in them that they are willing to commit such a heinous act of cowardice? 
Now almost seven years later we Americans are closing in on the distinct possibility of placing a man in the highest office in our land who grew up being taught the same ideology of hatred that influenced the cowards that flew all four of those ill fated planes on September 11, 2001. What can possibly be the motivation in the minds of so many Americans that would allow them to elect a Moslem to run our country? How can any American even consider voting for someone who is diametrically opposed to the American way of life? How can any American vote for B. Hussein Obama who was raised Moslem in that same sick environment of hatred? If that fact isn’t enough, Obama spent the last twenty years in an environment of hatred aimed towards white Americans. They just don’t get it. As president of this once great nation Obama’s inbred hatred will come shinning through.
Jesus says His followers will keep His commandments. Can anyone who hates babies as much as Obama be a follower of Jesus Christ? NO. Can anyone one who loves the homosexual agenda with such fervor be considered as Christian? NO. Obama contends that he is a Christian and yet disparages the Bible. When we read in our Bibles that “All scripture is God breathed” how can any professing Christian claim some verses in our Bibles are obscure? That’s what Obama claims when it comes to the book of Romans. Among scholars and theologians the book of Romans is one of the most highly venerated books of the Bible. The Bible tells us that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Since God doesn’t change and the Bible is God breathed, what type of a man can stand in front of the American people time and again and speak about how he promotes three major issues abortion, homosexuality, and the disparaging of God’s word. How can such a cold and calculating man like Obama have gotten to the place he is now, the front runner in a race for the presidency? “For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and [their] ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with [their] eyes, and hear with [their] ears, and should understand with [their] heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them,” Matthew 13:15. The meaning behind the word “gross” in the Greek is to make stupid to render the soul dull or callous. The definition behind that word most appropriately speaks of Obama and anyone else who condones the killing of innocent, helpless babies. Cold hearted, empty of feelings, unloving monstrous people, and that is exactly what the Bible tells us is coming in the last days. People, we are there.
That fact alone should be sickening to all true believers. We are a people living in a nation that was built on the very word of God. That nation is now being trampled under the feet of B. Hussein Obama as he advocates the full repeal of the “Defense of Marriage Act”. He talks about opening up the military to homosexuality in a time of war. He wants to allow ‘gay’ adoption – putting children in homes that are intentionally fatherless or intentionally motherless, and using the White House “bully pulpit” to do just that.
People, if this country elects B. Hussein Obama to the office of President of the United States of America what happened on September 11, 2001, will seem like a hiccup compared to what’s coming. All true Christians should be very concerned about this man becoming president since he is blatantly espousing all the societal ills that all true Christians know are an abomination to God. If you think like I do that Bill Clinton brought the office of the President down to a new low, allow me to use a well known cliché used here in the Midwest, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.
What can believers do to keep this man from becoming president? We can all rise up in opposition to him and his agenda. We don’t need or want the type of “change” he’s going to implement if elected. For once in our lives we need to stop following the leaders of the Evangelicals or the leaders of any other organization who try to speak for us but don’t really. We need to start thinking for ourselves and getting our voices heard. From all the Bible teaches us concerning the antichrist, will he not promote the same type of rhetoric that this man is spewing out? Do I think that Obama is the antichrist? At this point only God knows who the antichrist is. Do I believe the antichrist is currently on the scene and just waiting for the opportune moment to launch his plan? I do.
What I’m saying is just this, if we allow this man to take up residence in the Oval Office we Christians will be highly offended, and most likely put through some new persecutions we haven’t even thought of yet. The immorality that went on during the Clinton era will be nothing compared to what a Moslem can do with the power of the presidency behind him. This man will bring the U.S. down to a level that, quite frankly, hasn’t been seen by any American alive. This man, Obama, is anti-American and pro-Moslem; he’s not a Christian in any sense of the word. He doesn’t know Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, because if he did he wouldn’t be promoting all the immoral ills that have moved America onto the path that leads to destruction. That’s right, America is already entrenched on that path, and a huge part of Americans are enamored by immorality of every kind.
When three-thousand Americans were murdered in just an instant of time, we mourned as a nation. People went to Church buildings and prayed as though their very lives depended on it. People, your very life, your very existence depends on prayer. If you’re not in prayer every day, praying to the only One who can keep you from the destruction that’s coming, your fate will not be much different than those who perished in those buildings and planes. Pray that God will keep His covering of protection on this nation. President Obama will not be very nice to those who believe unreservedly that the Bible is God’s truth.
Traditionally, Americans pick between a democrat and a republican for president. No other party stands a chance in this election so it will be one or the other. I’m not happy with McCain either. I’ve read many things about our republican candidate that concern me. I won’t get into details except to say do your own research. Neither of those two men are viable candidates in my humble opinion.
As for those 3000 individuals that perished as a result of Moslems who hate us and are willing to do anything to eliminate us from the face of the earth, I can only say as the anniversary of their deaths comes upon us for the seventh time, maybe, just maybe, we’re in the clear and it will never happen again. If Obama is elected President of the United States it probably won’t happen again, at least not right away, because we will all be expected to assimilate into the Islamic religion. You think this is Farfetched? Wait and see.
In the meantime remember this, Moslems are patient and quite willing to pacify us with their lies until we are so docile and blasé that they can and will just take over. We are heading in that direction and if we aren’t on our guard striving against the evil that is continually pushing against our doors, we will be overtaken in what will seem like a heartbeat.
Father God, I pray you will keep us from the McCain’s, and save us from the Obama’s .