And now your question: How do we prove that the Bible is divine? to an unbeliever what criteria we use?
I will write about different perspectives on this question.  And I think it is wise to cover this from a scientific perspective as well as a Biblical perspective. This will probably seem like a tedious approach.  But you might need either or both approaches, depending on who you are speaking to in your presentation.  It is ideal to know where the person being approached is coming from.  And perhaps the best question to ask the person is, "Do you have any kind of spiritual beliefs?"  That way, they can let you know what they believe and give you a foundation from which to move forward.  Also, the power point presentation will help you train people to use this approach.  Just a reminder, the power point presentation is at the following link:
Also, knowing these different approaches prepares you to speak with scientific people to those with less education. You can select which viewpoint you would like to use based on the person.

1) Scientific Proof, is it possible for a belief system of any type?
2) How much faith does it take to believe?
3) Conclusions and miscellaneous discussion
4) Facts that support the resurrection of Jesus from the dead
To begin, beliefs cannot be proven in a scientific way.  To prove in a scientific way requires us to set up an experiment and conduct tests.  This is the modern day scientific method that has led to man’s ability to fly in aircraft, etc…
For example, there is no possible way that we could set up an experiment and resurrect a person from the dead.  We don’t have that ability.  Only God Almighty can.   But for someone to take the position that this proves Christian faith as being false, you will have an answer below that reveals scientific principles teach us that we can expect to observe supernatural events in our universe.  Please read on to arrive at this valid conclusion.
However, we can analyze and find scientific support for the reality that God does exist.  Notice I used the phrase, "scientific support" , not "scientific proof".
I recently sent an email to an agnostic, who is researching the idea that there are multiple universes.  And that we happen to live in one of those universes that just happened to evolve life by pure chance.  Is this credible?
The answer ultimately leads to the position that the multiple universe "belief" system is not credible.  The basic reason is that no human being has ever observed any other universe than the one we live in.  Blind faith is required to believe in unseen universes.  So I asked the agnostic person to QUANTIFY how much faith does it take to believe in the multiple universe hypothesis?
That person could not answer the question.  But I have quantified it and you can read on the following link that the belief in unseen multiple universes requires huge amounts of faith.  It would be equivalent to betting that an earthworm crawling under the ground can win a horse race.  Therefore, this world view is not credible.
The link above supports that it appears very probable that God does exist.  In fact, the Naturalist world view taught in secular universities as being the truth does not have a solid foundation.  The reason being that there are two major problems.  I did these major scientific principles on the following links:
The link above discusses the laws of thermodynamics, which support that the universe cannot sustain itself. The universe is dying and will not support biological life for eternity.  The human race is doomed.  Even if there are extraterrestrials, they are doomed as well (by the way, I don’t believe in ETs). 
The link above discusses the scientific discovery that the universe will expand forever at an accelerating rate.  This is important because it verifies that the universe has only existed one time.  The universe was created as acknowledged by scientific discoveries since about 1915.  And since it will expand forever, it cannot contract and go through another cycle.  By the way, this may be important to Hindus since they tend to believe that the universe has existed forever.
Based on the laws of thermodynamics and the accelerating universe discovery, we can conclude that the universe has a supernatural source.  If the source of the universe were natural, then that source would not be capable of creating another universe.  The source itself would run down and become incapable to creating another universe.  Logic leads to this conclusion. Therefore, the source of the universe cannot be natural.  Hence the inverse conclusion that the source of the universe, by logic and scientific observation, must be supernatural.
And since the source of the universe can only be supernatural, "we expect to observe supernatural events in our world."
Peter, the statement above now permits us to discuss the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  And the tract "Was Jesus Christ a Muslim?" is important in this task.  Because of the enormous amounts of archaeological data as well as other correlating evidence between the book of Acts and the life of the Apostle Paul as well as the other disciples of Jesus actually make the Bible very credible.  We expect to observe supernatural events. If you learn this approach, even the agnostic will not be able to withstand your viewpoint that is based on physical evidence.  And this evidence permits us to calculate confidence levels that the Biblical world view is credible.  This is as close to proof as we can actually get from an intellectual / scientific perspective.  Remember, we cannot proove it by doing a scientific experiment.  Therefore, we must have faith that the Bible is true.  But how much faith?
There are many approaches to establishing that the Christian faith is extremely credible.  Whereas, all the other faiths are flawed at great depths and require blind faith to believe in their basic tenets.  (Also, even the Christian faith requires blind faith in some of its doctrines as taught in the Bible.  For example, we believe on faith alone that Mary conceived Jesus as a virgin.  We were not there and do not know her.  Only Mary actually knew the truth on this subject because she experienced it.  But the other evidences for the Christian faith support that Mary was a virgin, who conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  And that Jesus is the Son of God as taught in the Old Testament in verses such as Jeremiah 23:5-6, Psalms 2 and 110, Isaiah 9:6-7, Isaiah 7:14, and Micah 5:2.  And I am sure there are many more such as Proverbs 30:4.)
Now we are ready to discuss the Bible and other belief systems.
That is why I wrote the tract, "Was Jesus Christ a Muslim?"
By studying the tract, you realize that Islam and Christianity are diametrical opposite world views.  Each belief system takes on diametrical opposing views on the same subject.  And that is where archaeological data becomes very important.  Because it supplies us the data that permits us to calculate which belief system is credible and which belief appears to be completely false (requires blind faith to accept).  Islam does not have any data to support the hypothesis that Jesus did not die on the cross.  In contrast, the Christian faith is supported by enormous amounts of archaeological data that validate the idea that Jesus died on the cross, then rose from the dead.  The examples in the tract for Saul of Tarsus and James, the brother of Jesus are very important.  We can ask, "Why would a complete skeptic become a Christian, especially when they wanted to destroy the Christian faith?"
For the Apostle Paul, the archaeological data permits us to conclude at a high confidence level that he actually traveled the Roman roads and did the mission work described in the Book of Acts.  And we can conclude this at the 99.9% confidence level.  This means that the probability of us being misled by the unearthed, random data is less than 1 chance in a thousand.
The archaeological data does not prove that the Apostle Paul met Jesus in a spiritual experience on the road to Damascus.  However, since the data supports and validates the physical life of the Apostle Paul that he lived upon this earth, it only takes a small amount of faith to believe that something of a spiritual nature did happen on the road to Damascus.  REMEMBER, WE EXPECT TO OVSERVE SUPERNATURAL EVENTS IN OUR WORLD. Only mustard seed size faith is required to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, who died on the cross and rose from the dead.
In contrast, since not even one archaeological item has been found to support the Qur’anic viewpoint that Jesus did not die on the cross, there is no reason to believe that Islam is valid.  The 99.9% confidence level for the Christian faith is the diametrical opposite for Islam.  In fact, it would be 0.001% confidence level for the Qur’an.  Sad to say, only a fool would believe the Qur’an to be true based on archaelogical data matching the texts of the book of Acts and invalidating the texts of the Qur’an.  And we can also state that the probability of Muslims being misled based on archaeological data is extremely high with 999 chances out of 1000 that Muslims have been misled by the Qur’an since we can verify that the position in the Qur’an is false.
I am working on making this approach easier to understand.  But I think you see the strength behind the tract based on calculations using archaeological data.
To be a Muslim requires blind faith in the Qur’an.  Not an acceptable position. 
Hope this helps you to understand why I wrote the tract and that it gives you insight into the booklet that we will begin publishing in the near future.
When you are speaking to a Muslim person and use the tract, I have learned that the Muslim mind attempts to discredit the Bible by taking the position that there are contradictions in the Bible.  Since I use the Apostle Paul, Muslims will claim that the conversion stories written into the book of Acts are contradictory.  But this is not credible and I did the research and posted it on the website.  Please read the following link to understand why the Muslim viewpoint is not acceptable.
Also, Muslims will take the position that the Apostle Paul is a false prophet or that his epistles contradict other portions of the Bible.  I am still working on writing an answer to this viewpoint.  And when it is done, I will let you know.
Finally, Muslims will take the position that the archaeological data is not credible.  Since professional people from scientists to scholars of all types have examined the artifacts, the credibility is established.  I have found that Muslims will do their best to skew the archaeological data. But their attempts are futile.  When a Muslims takes this viewpoint, you can conclude that this person is brainwashed and not able to think critically about the Islamic world view.
Muslims need to learn that the Qur’an is a book of contradictions.  I e-mailed a link for you on a previous email.
The final proof that Jesus is for real is that a person ask Christ into their heart and life. You can have a personal relationship with God Almighty through the Son, Jesus Christ.  This is HOW I KNOW that Christ is the truth.  Peter, in my life, I have experienced God’s presence and peace in a very deep way.  So I know.  but it can also be dangerous to have spiritual experience alone as the foundation of someone’s faith.  For example, Muhammad, the false prophet of Islam, also had spiritual experiences.  But the tract shows that Muhammad was misled by a spiritual being that claimed to the Archangel Gabriel.  That is why I wrote the book, Gabriel’s Faces: voice of the Archangel.  Daniel the prophet also claims to have received spiritual words from the Archangel Gabriel.  But Daniel’s words are diametrically opposite to those in the Qur’an. This information permits us to discern that one of the spiritual beings is a deceiver. And the archaeological evidence, including the Dead Sea Scrolls permit us to discern that Muhammad was deceived.
Again, I am writing a booklet that will also contain this type of information.  And I will discuss in-depth the spiritual experiences that Muhammad had while he lived on this earth. Muhammad reject the real Jesus for the fake Jesus.  And Muhammad is the greatest spiritual deceiver that has ever lived on this planet.
Continue with your teaching. And we will print by the grace of God as long as Christians commit to funding this work of bringing Muslims and other non-Christians to place their faith in Christ alone.
One final note.  Perhaps it would be good for you to review the evidence that supports Jesus did in fact rise from the dead.  Please go to the following link and read this information.  On the websites that I operate, this page has the most links coming to it from other websites.
Learn the four facts on that page that validate Christ rising from the dead. 
If the Christian faith were not true, there was one solution that would have stopped the Christian movement from the very start.  Those who had Jesus crucified only had to produce the dead body of Jesus.  But they could not do it.  The reason is that the haters of Jesus did not have the body.  IF they had produced the dead body, the disciples would have been laughed out of town.  Their story of Jesus rising from the dead would have been proven false. Please read that page since it is a very easy approach to establishing that Jesus is for real and actually rose from the dead.  REMEMBER, WE EXPECT TO OBSERVE SUPERNATURAL EVENTS IN OUR WORLD, BASED ON THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS AND THE ACCELERATING UNIVERSE DISCOVERY.  Therefore, it is credible that Jesus did in FACT RISE FROM THE DEAD!
God bless you in Yeshua’s name,