Jimmy DeYoung’s
Prophetic Prospective
Daily Devotional
October 29, 2007

Genesis 9:6 – Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed:
for in the image of God made he man.

For further study – Genesis 9:1-29

Genesis 9:1 is the record of God’s meeting with Noah after the worldwide
flood, as recorded in Genesis 6, 7 and 8. In this meeting the Lord gave
Noah instructions.

God told Noah that he and his family were to be fruitful and multiply and
thus "re-people" the earth. At this time in history, right after the
flood, there were only eight people on the earth.

There was Noah and his three sons; Shem, Ham and Japheth and their four
wives. God wanted to start humankind all over with the survivors of the
flood. Genesis 10 is the record of at least the beginning obedience to
God’s command to "re-people"the Earth.

Verse 6 of Genesis 9 is where God established the institution of "human
government". God established the institution of "marriage", Genesis 2, and
the institution of the "local church" in Acts 2.

Here in Genesis 9:6 the Lord sets in place what we call today "capital
punishment". Within this command is the bases for "human government". The
highest function of "human government" is the judicial taking of life. All
other governmental powers are implied in that.

God sets man on earth to govern the world for Him. "Human government"
played a key role then, 4,500 years ago, and it will play a major role in
the future, Revelation 17:17. However, "human government" plays a key role
today as the Lord uses "human government" to set the world stage and place
the actors on that stage to make ready for the "final drama" to be played

In verse 13 we see where the Lord places His "rainbow" in the clouds.
Every time you see a "rainbow "in the sky it is a tangible promise from
God that He will never judge the earth again with water. God once again
used nature to communicate to man and the "rainbow" continues to speak to
us, even today, a message from God.

Please notice one more thing with me. The Lord revealed to Moses, the
author of the book of Genesis, that Noah lived 350 years after the flood.
Remember, Noah was 600 years old when the waters covered the earth, all of
the earth, Genesis 7:6.

Therefore, Noah lived a total of 950 years, all of them serving the Lord.
Noah lived the last several hundred years with his great-grandson, Nimrod,
who was the King of Babylon, Genesis 10:10.

Noah’s great-grandson was disobedient to the Lord’s command and instead of
multiplying and "re-peopling" the earth, Nimrod went to Babel, on the
Euphrates River, and built a great city, lest they be scattered upon the
face of the earth, Genesis 11:4.

All of humankind lived in Babylon with Nimrod and his great-grandfather,
Noah. The significance of this information comes from what Jesus said in
His "Olivet Discourse", Matthew 24:37.

This verse tells us, "As it was in the days of Noah so shall it also be in
the days of the coming of the Lord." In the "last days" of Noah, the world
was focused on Babylon, which is modern-day Iraq, thus the significance of
the Lord’s statement in Matthew 24:27.

In Noah’s day the focus of the world was on Babylon as is the case today,
the focus of the world is on Iraq, Biblical Babylon. It is in these days
that Jesus comes back to the Earth. That seems to be indicating that the
Lord will come in our day.

Remember, before Christ comes back to the Earth, the Lord shouts to call
all of us into the heavenlies at the Rapture of the Church, and that could
happen today.