God sometimes exhibits anger, and you are made in His image. God is described in Exodus 34:6 as "compassionate and gracious" and "slow to anger."

Jesus Christ was the perfect model of human behavior for you to follow, and at times Jesus was angry. In Mark 3:5 he was angered by the stubborn hearts of the Pharisees who refused to see the truth: "He looked around at them in anger . . . deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts."

Dr. Tim Clinton says, "Anger is a God-given emotion. In Scripture God was often angry at unrighteousness and injustice. It’s okay to be angry, especially at injustice. It’s okay to be angry at loss.

"To deny your anger is simply to let it turn inward. Angry people can’t see life around them. Angry people can’t see joy around them. Angry people can’t see people around them. And hence, they can’t enjoy life."

Lord Jesus, I’m intelligent enough to know that anger should not control me. I also understand that it needs to be properly released for my benefit and for others around me. Help me follow through on what I know is right for me to do. Amen.