Repo Man Tribute:

Sam and Pete, stepsons, made this ‘youtube’ video a couple of days ago.

Sam, 29, an honors graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, works as a Mechanical Engineer. Lately, with much enthusiasm, he has begun completing his flight instruction to achieve his dream of becoming a commercial pilot.

Peter, 26, is still in school and studying very hard to get his engineering degree while working full time.

They are kind young men with big hearts and are a true blessing from the Lord Jesus. Their Dad, who was always very proud of them and loved them immensely, really enjoyed flying with them.

They wrote in youtube:
My Dad passed away very unexpectedly on Dec. 27th, 2006. My brother and I had lunch with him just hours before it happened. His favorite movie was Repo Man, and my brother and I made this video in the theme of Repo Man as a tribute to him. All the video footage is from my flight from Colorado to Florida just days before he passed.’
They have made two more videos:
Puffy little clouds