Please listen to this…
In Oprah’s ‘broad is the way’ all encompassing point of view, Jesus, our Lord and Savior, isn’t even a footnote. It will take an eternity just to understand what it really cost Him to become flesh and a sin offering.

If every path leads to God, why would Jesus have to make the trip to the Cross? Was He just some idiot? He must have been. So Why remember His sacrifice? How would we ever know Him without accepting His free gift? Abba leads all men to His Son but so few are willing to receive that free gift.

I found it interesting that the audience so readily acknowledged evil in the world and even applauded that revelation. The prince of this world is in plain view and many are deceived by him. They acknowledged evil, but what if someone mentioned sin? Would they have applauded? I doubt it.

People constantly confront Christians with the Problem of Evil – if God is so good, why are there so many terrible things, such as the Holocaust. We know why – it is a fallen world and many are sold out to evil. But why don’t the people who say all paths are equivalent face the same questions? If all paths are just as good, what is their explanation for evil? It seems as though their equivocation gives them immunity from any moral responsibility. How comfortable that must be!

By and by, aren’t you glad for the Sister in the audience who stood up to Oprah? When Oprah was faced with the truth of Jesus Christ all she could say was I don’t want to argue religion. Oprah doesn’t understand that it is not religion that saves but a Person by the shedding of His blood on the cross. She also doesn’t understand that her supposedly non-religious position is a religion in itself. Her supposed tolerance is really just apathy and ignorance and her statements are an affront to persons of every type of religous faith.

YsiC, Liz