Year of Decision 2007 will be crucial
– by Joel Rosenberg

Following is Joel’s blog entry from Saturday, October 14. Later that day, the United Nations passed a resolution calling for economic sanctions against North Korea. North Korea, in turn, responded that this represented a declaration of war (pointing particularly to the United States).


* North Korea may be preparing for 2nd nuclear weapon test * Israeli PM Olmert heads to Moscow for talks with Putin

Make no mistake: Iranian leaders are closely watching world reaction to North Korea’s recent nuclear and missile tests. And what do they see? Throughout Europe and Asia and within the halls of Congress they see division. Indecision. Weakness. Fear. Not a single credible world leader is talking about even the possibility of taking military action to stop North Korea from threatening the world with nuclear annihilation. Not even the United States.

What happens if Republicans lose control of the House in November and Speaker Pelosi takes power in January? Can one imagine President Bush using force to protect the American people from North Korea or Iran with House Democrats blocking new funding for the military and/or launching impeachment proceedings against him? Even if Republicans hold the House (which they very well still could), will there be sufficient moral courage and resolve in Washington to do more than bluster?

No wonder Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is increasingly convinced that no one will take military action against him as he pursues nuclear weapons. Indeed, he increasingly believes that the wind is at his back, that radical Islam is ascendant, that Judeo-Christian civilization is doomed to collapse in short order, that the Islamic Messiah known as the Twelve Imam or the Mahdi is coming soon, and that he cannot be stopped.

To be blunt: Iran and North Korea smell blood in the water. They are working hand in glove to build nuclear weapons and the long-range ballistic missiles to deliver them, as I detailed last week. Yet no one is stopping them. They are working around the clock to build an anti-American, anti-Western, anti-democracy political and military alliance in partnership with Russia, China, Venezuela and Cuba. Yet no one is stopping them. They formalized part of this alliance in Cuba in September when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad huddled in Havana with North Korean President Kim Yong-nam (second in power to dictator Kim Jong Il). Yet the world is all talk and no action.

Bottom line: 2007 is the Year of Decision for President Bush and the Congressional leadership. Together, they will have to make some very difficult, very painful decisions over the next 12-14 months. Will they take firm, decisive, effective action to stop the Iranian and North Korean nuclear threat, or will they allow these two radicalized regimes to develop the weapons that could mean our annihilation? The window of opportunity to stop them won’t be open for long. 2008, after all, is a presidential election year. 2009 will bring a new administration. By then, it may very well be too late. The next few months are thus critical to U.S. national security. I don’t want another war. No American does. But let’s not kid ourselves. Diplomacy is not working. The world is divided over sanctions. And time is running out.