Atlanta first stop of 28-city journey

(WASHINGTON, D.C., SEPTEMBER 9, 2006) — A groundbreaking 28-city, 28-month U.S. tour of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other remarkable Holy Land antiquities begins on Friday in Atlanta. Lynn and I will be there to help kick it off and we’d highly recommend you attend the exhibit when it comes through your area. A list of cities can be found on my weblog (see below).

"From Abraham To Jesus" features the largest and most breathtaking collection of Holy Land antiquities ever to hit U.S. soil, with some 240 priceless artifacts, some dating back to the time of Abraham, along with the first 3-D film made in Israel. The exhibit will feature the U.S. inaugural visit of some of the Dead Sea Scrolls (including The Isaiah Scroll), and the Ossuary (bone box) of Simon the Cyrene, the man who carried the cross for Jesus. This stunning 30,000 square foot walk-through exhibit will travel to 28 cities nationwide, beginning September 2006 and concluding December 2008.

The exhibit, which is sponsored and organized by a group of evangelical Christian business leaders in partnership with the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and archeologists at Hebrew University, is truly a can’t miss event. As I’ve been touring the country for THE COPPER SCROLL, it’s been striking to see the enormous and growing interest in ancient treasures, relics, scrolls and prophecies. People are increasingly fascinated, and rightly so, in the archaeological and historic roots of Judaism and Christianity. They’re looking for evidence for their faith. And "From Abraham To Jesus" gives people the opportunity to see some of the most amazing artifacts ever found, artifacts that suggest that the more we dig out of the ground, the more evidence we have that the Bible is true and trustworthy.

I hope you have the opportunity to see the exhibit for yourself.